Kintsugi / Hana kui white porcelain

Makomako's beautiful kintsugi work on Kojiro Baba's white porcelain

White Porcelain Flower-shaped Plate, is a type of Japanese pottery, primarily used as tableware to enhance the dining experience. As the name suggests, Hakuji (white porcelain) is characterized by its beautiful white color, which accentuates the colors of the food. Moreover, the porcelain's inherent hardness and durability make it long-lasting, therefore it's widely used from everyday use at home to professional use in restaurants.

Hanakui, meaning flower-shaped plate, as the name suggests, has a shape inspired by flowers, and is especially used in Japanese cuisine to express the seasonality.

The floral shape allows for a beautiful presentation of food, enhancing the dining experience. Furthermore, it enables the chef to make the most of the colors and shapes of the ingredients, stimulating their creativity.

White porcelain flower-shaped plates, with their simple yet sophisticated beauty, are also popular as gifts. Moreover, these are made using traditional Japanese techniques, which makes them appealing to tourists wanting to experience Japanese culture.

Due to their beauty and practicality, these items are loved both in Japan and overseas.

This unique plate, mended with Kintsugi by Mako's delicate technique, is one-of-a-kind.

Φ8.26 inc × H 1 inc