IROHA was born of a desire to bring joy to peoples’ everyday lives by introducing an expertly curated selection of Japanese arts and crafts. The more time we spent living abroad, the more we realized the wonder of Japanese craftsmanship.

We were reminded of the quality of the tableware, its breathtakingly delicate nature and creativity, the brilliance of the artwork and the rich aesthetic sense that comes from appreciating the beauty of imperfection.

In Japan, there is a close and personal relationship between vessels and people. In both our daily lives and special traditions such as our tea ceremony, we cherish the tea, the art and the bowl which come together to give joy. We preserve these gifts from childhood. Like life, itself, we find beauty in imperfection, like the gold-plated porcelain we call “Kintsugi.”

We would like to share this joy and heartwarming feeling with New Yorkers and the world beyond. In doing so, we hope to share the spirit of cherishing and using
these personal treasures for a lifetime. This is our mission.

IROHA phonetically represents the basic foundation of the Japanese language, and means both “beauty” and “color. ” 



Ryoko Konami began her journey to selecting and curating fine Japanese ceramics that bring color to our daily lives.

After working as a press for fashion brands, an E-commerce MD, and buyer for speciality stores, she opened selected boutiques in 2011 as a director. After working in the fashion industry for 10 years, she became a freelancer and editing for a web magazine. In 2016, she moved to New York.